Equipping the Church So That All Students Know Jesus.

WAG Youth

WAG Youth is for students, from grades 6 through 12. We provide weekly Sunday school classes, seasonal activities, camps/overnight activities, and outreaches to help students develop spiritually, socially, and in community with other young believers. We want to see students not just show up to a youth group—but truly find a church to connect to, belong to, and serve in.


Bible Quiz

Middle School (Contender) and Teen Bible Quiz (Champion) is a discipleship ministry geared for teens in sixth through 12th grade. Bible Quiz provides an opportunity for the discipleship of youth so that they will reflect the Spirit of Christ in attitude, word, and action. It cultivates, through competition, a proper attitude toward winning and losing and provides, through travel, opportunities to expand Christian friendships. Each year teens study a different book or books of the bible. League quiz meets are held throughout the regular season leading up to District, Regional, and National competitions.